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Once you have your card, head to CVS. Once you have an account created, register for the Beauty Club as well.

Each prescription is considered a credit. Here is how you can earn credits toward even more ExtraCare Bucks:.

CVS Shopping: A Beginner's Guide

Also, you will begin to get exclusive emails with savings that you can either print or simply send the reward to your CVS card. Lastly, there is also a CVS app for your smartphone where you can scan your CVS card and save it directly to your phone, scan a prescription barcode to request a refill and view the weekly sales ad to make a shopping list! Oh, and did I mention there are also exclusive app-only CVS coupons in there too?

But, if you take advantage of a stores incentive program, you can score tons of items for practically nothing! CVS uses a program called ExtraCare bucks. ExtraCare bucks print out on the bottom of your receipt when you make a qualifying purchase and are just like cash inside the store.

They can be used to purchase just about anything except alcohol, cigarettes, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, gift cards and pre-paid cards. CVS sales run from Sunday to Saturday night. Items that generate these ECBs are items we are looking to purchase. Without a coupon, that item is already essentially free. Week to week, new items will be featured in the sales flyers. You can use your ECBs to pay for items week to week.

That is called rolling your ECBs.

Couponing at CVS in 5 Easy Steps

Once you build up enough ExtraCare bucks, you will no longer need to pay money out of pocket besides some change or a few dollars. You simply keep using the ECBs you earn one week to pay for the items you want to purchase the next week. Now that your card is all set, and you understand how to roll your ECBs, you are ready to shop.

It is a big red machine located near the front of the store usually in the beauty section.

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You may receive a purchase based coupon which CVS may send to your email address or it will print from the coupon center. Once you are ready to check out, make sure to hand over your Extra-Care card first. This is a great way to build ECBs fast and save extra dollars in a single trip. Want to make your opinion really count? Once you go through the registration, which will take minutes tops, you will begin to receive surveys a few times a year. Participating will earn you additional ExtraCare Bucks to spend in the store!

Sign up here! That means they are helping you earn ECBs! Not Any Longer! Bonus Tip — Always be sure to check your receipt — sometimes surprise, unadvertised ECBs print at the end of your receipt!

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That is FREE money! There is an exact science well, sort of to checking out at CVS. Really, you ask?

Did you know there are thousands of other couponers who would love to hear about your experience, share ideas, successes, failures and even strategies in the TrueCouponing Hot Deals Group on Facebook? We will approve your request quickly. Thank you! Hand over your CVS card first. This makes sure that sales items are shown correctly on your receipt. Store Coupons 4.

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