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Supply chain industry deals with multiple stakeholders while executing a single transaction, which means there are multiple moving parts that need to be managed and optimized for efficiency and cost. It is a critical success factor across many industries, as they provide the last mile connectivity for goods and services. Designing, planning and executing efficient cross border supply chains are essential to ensure that the right goods are available to the right customers at the right time.

Today, supply chains have to cope to regulatory frameworks, terrorism, bad weather and economic cycles; the ability to predict and manage them efficiently in one of the primary objectives of supply chain officers. Analytics too plays a vital role in helping supply chain practitioners gain real time insights and analysis.

Predictive models and prescriptive analytics tools have a greater utility in this space, as there are real business cases which can be applied for better ROI and customer experience. Companies that use the rail network in order to transport their goods to the intended destination according to the logistics chain. Rail freight operations look after this transition even though shipment by rail might not always be as flexible as by road. These consist of the organisations which provide regular public service of air transport over one or more routes within and outside a specified region.

They are issued a license by the government aviation body to carry out these operations without any hurdle. Transportation on the road could of goods or even people by motorised and non-motorised carriages between two destinations.

Luxurious passenger ships used on a regular line are ocean liners. Although they may also carry cargo or mail or sometimes be used for other purposes such as hospital cruises and commercial cruises. The warehouse operators deal with the products and goods that come into a warehouse. Apart from this, they also check for damaged or missing goods, move the stock around and keep the paperwork up to date.

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A third party logistics handles the shipment, i. Terminal operators are the companies that contracts with the port authority to move the cargo through a port at a minimum level of productivity. They could be privately run or state owned. As opposed to moving the freight themselves, freight forwarders act as the intermediary between the shippers and various other transportation services.

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Everything in supply chain starts with an order, which can be of two types - inbound and outbound. Inbound orders deal with receiving goods into the supply chain and the outbound deals with distributing goods to the end consumer. Orders can also pertain to movement of goods within the supply chain to optimize inventory and meet business demands occurring from time-to-time, similar to stock transfer or warehouse movements like CDC to RDC movement.

Some of the key KPI measured as part of this function are:.

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There are two types of warehouses - Dry warehouse, where the goods are stored in ambient temperature and Temperature controlled or Cold stores, where the goods handled are perishable and hence need to be maintained at a certain temperature range to ensure product integrity. Another classification applicable could be based on operations, such as manual, semi-automation and fully automatic. Warehouse is a crucial element in any supply chain, it is not only a place for storage of goods, but also a place where a lot of value adding activities can take place such as knitting, assembly and repairs depending on the type of industry and good following through it.

Optimization in a warehouse involves space, assets and resources, where analytics plays a vital role in helping warehouse operators understand the under current and take necessary corrective actions in real time to ensure maximum throughput, in an optimized cost structure. Some of the KPI which are covered here include:. Transportation provides the last mile link in the supply chain, and can be broadly classified as long-haul and secondary distribution, within which, there are dry and temperature controlled.

This is not so. Many companies already undertake risk-based checks to address other issues, such as corruption or environmental damage. The same concept should, and can, be applied to the natural resources traded along their supply chains.

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By putting these measures in place, companies can help to create a mining sector in conflict-affected and fragile regions that brings real benefit to the people who live there. The responsible sourcing of minerals is not about imposing blanket bans on trade; it is about ensuring that business does not perpetuate armed violence, serious human rights abuses and other crimes.

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Help tackle the deadly trade in conflict minerals, often sourced in extreme conditions of exploitation, violence and modern slavery. The illicit trade in diamonds has funded brutal wars and human rights abuses for decades.

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Despite significant progress, the problem has not gone away. When companies together commit to due diligence, by sharing information and ideas, it creates new business opportunities in many of the regions that need sustainable and responsible investment the most. The Guidance recommends that companies: Have a clear conflict minerals policy Carry out supply chain risk assessments based on on-the-ground checks Take action to deal with any problems identified Commission independent third party audits of their due diligence measures Report publicly on their findings Despite the mounting pressure on companies that use minerals to carry out due diligence, few are actually doing this.

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Sign the petition Help tackle the deadly trade in conflict minerals, often sourced in extreme conditions of exploitation, violence and modern slavery. You might also like Responsible Minerals Campaign. Diamonds Campaign.

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