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It does not seem to do any network operation at all. Also if I'm not on WiFi i. I have payed for 1 year subscription but actually I'm not able to get any information because its saying error while tracking, please try again. Please devs could you help me with this? Edit : was working good until today, can't track anything getting message : An internal error has occurred.

Please send the app screenshot to help solve the problem. There's no need to go in Lazada, Shopee, and other apps if you want to track your package. You can see your updates here. Great app. Great idea to track all of my parcels in one place but it almost always says "Network error while tracking, please try again" no matter what the shipping source or where my parcels are.

Similar to previous review. App was working well, but now doesn't seem to be updating parcel status or very slow to update. It looks like the app I've been looking for for a while, but I'm having issues logging in my Wish account because I must log in via Google and it doesn't work. I love it!

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I have been using the website for a while and it's SO amazingly helpful. I LOVE this app. Thank you so much for putting it out here for everyone!

Error on tracking if using data regardless of courier, WiFi is temperamental Fix it or stop wasting our time. So far so good. I'd like to see a dark theme for this application. Help our eyes out in low light dev's. I'm waiting on my first delivery using Hermes UK. I'll edit my review with an update and to add stars if 1 I receive my package checking the accuracy from start to finish and 2 if the dark theme is applied. Edit: 01 Aug10 1st Package arrived.

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Edit: coming soon The app is ok, only problem is if you want to receive notifications about your delivery you need to pay money They're the worst carriers I have had to ever dealt with. I hope this track app doesn't impact to scamming cuz we're sharing the tracking number. Very useful when given a tracking number without courier name.

This a great app. Really good at tracking all the different carriers. I have paid yearly subscription and It's been really helpful. Just 1 problem that it takes very long to update the results. Apart from this everything is great. So glad I found this app!! I purchase quite a few items from abroad, sometimes from America and, on one memorable occasion - for all the right reasons - from Georgia , but most frequently from the Far East, via Amazon UK.

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Tracking them can be a real headache -- especially when all Amazon tells me is "Delivery By Other". Not any more! When I first downloaded the app it was awesome, and updated the status faster then the actual carrier sites. I also like that I can track all my packagrs in one place too. However, recently the status is either not updating, or it takes forever. What happened to this app? Its just not working. For anyone receiving packages from multiple areas, this will be like a breath of fresh air. It allows you to easily organize your list of tracked items.

I often order parts from all over to assemble one item. This app transforms tracking of those parts into tracking that assembled item. I had a question about that, and the app author got back to me the same night Good app, it shows much more tracking information than any other apps I used before but The push notifications seem to have a big delay.

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